Web Standards - Our Guarantee

The Quality Affordable Web Sites created by Bob Fuller Web Design are fully compliant with W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) guaranteeing validated, clean, error-free coding in your web pages, more interoperability and cross browser/platform compatability in accordance with the W3C guidelines. It also means that your website will stand up to future technologies as they emerge and develop.

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These standards help ensure that everyone has access to the information we are providing, and also make web development faster and more enjoyable. Standards compliance makes it easier for people with special needs to use the Web.
Blind people may have their computer read web pages to them. People with poor eyesight may have pages rearranged and magnified for easier reading and people using hand-held devices can browse the Web just as easily as those using high-end pcs and laptops.

Making your sites standards-compliant will help ensure not only that traditional browsers, old and new, will all be able to present sites properly, but also that they will work with unusual browsers and media. Search engines can do a better job of indexing sites, for example. Using browser-specific code often doubles or triples the work to create web pages and leaves a lot to be desired when new media are introduced.

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Complying with web standards can give your web pages greater visibility in web searches. The structural information present in compliant documents makes it easy for search engines to access and evaluate the information in those documents, and they get indexed more accurately, this, in turn, means a higher ranking web site in searches.

The use of web standards makes it easier for server-side as well as client-side software to understand the structure of your document, adding a search engine to your own site becomes easier and gives better results.

w3c So you can see it makes sense to have a Web Standards compliant site that adheres to strict accessibility standards. For further information visit:-

Alternative Web Browsers

Nearly all computers now come complete with the ability to choose your browser and you are not forced to go with the pre-installed version of Internet Explorer, which was shipped with virtually all new PCs.

As a result of this wave of alternative browsers comes the issue of ensuring all browsers display your web site the way it is designed and the way YOU want it displayed. Using W3C compliant coding in your web site ensures that the site IS displayed how it is supposed to be and NOT how the browser thinks it should. This is known as Cross Browser Compatability.

Hover over the images below for more information on alternative browsers.

You can download any of these browsers by clicking the Alliance banner below.

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